Every business has some sort of old electronics equipment kicking around the office, collecting dust, hidden away in a closet and simply taking up space. Let’s face it, our once most useful electronics don’t last forever, and instead they become outdated pretty quickly, especially cellphones, computers and laptops.

Either way, our old office electronics become a hassle after sometime, yet getting rid of them is sometimes easier said than done. In the US alone, more than 100 million computers are thrown away with less than 20% being recycled in a safe and responsible manner. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates as much as 60 million metric tons of e-waste enter landfills every year.

We know we shouldn’t store e-waste, yet we continue to do so. In addition to the space it takes, batteries can leak and the devices can be a fire hazard. In some cases, things that are no longer useful to us can find new life with people in need. So, why don’t we recycle our electronics more? We recycle plastic and paper, but rarely do electronics get recycled properly.

Now think about this.

Your unused Monitors, Computers, Networking Equipment, cell phones, printers and mobile devices contain materials that can be recycled (such as copper, silver or gold). And that spells out one four letter word – CASH.

Rather than letting your old devices collect more dust, have you ever thought about getting some money in exchange for your old electronics? That’s right, you can trade in your unused electronics and get cash in return, saving some of the value of the equipment and putting cash back into your business. Echoe Electronics will take your old dusty electronics, give you cash in return and more importantly recycle them properly so they don’t end up in a landfill! Go green for the environment… and for your wallet!